Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Memory Lane........

A lazy week day afternoon.... I sit here at work wondering if only we could rewind a few moments in the past.....
a few thoughts trickle here....
Can i be at my friend's place on time 5:30 as promised for chai and bhajjis without Airtel subscription... Zuzus from Vodafones????
Can I wait patiently to but tickets for movie with friends... bunking sanskrit classes to watch QSQT or Roja instead of paying extra 30 for buyin it online from warmyourbottomintheseatandgainweight.com
Or buy softy one single flavour ( vanilla) for desert instead of flavours from Moven pick or Richie rich ... where most flavours I cant even pronounce?
Can I watch doordarshan..... and save sundays 11:00 a.m. for Mahabharath followed by duck tales and Mr Uncle scrooge ..... instead of American Idol ... Inst that Ideal now:)
Is it ever possible to have kaaka kaday chai instead of CCDs and Barista's overprice cafe ...
Can I still sell News papers to raddi waaala and buy cassette to listen to latest Hits 1992!!
Can BSA cycles be famous again..... with all the Nanos coming in!!!
Can we just have FDs and good old Banks ..instead of SIPs, Mutual funds, Derivatives... equity investments... and other hazaar venues to gamble your money on..
Can I take an auto to the nearby station at minimum of 5 rs... and gold at 350/ gm...
can I ever see a 15 paise post card in my house...
Can I play Housie -housie on New years eve at the apartment terrace organised by oldies in the colony???
Can i treat my friends for having passed in my Economics exams... at Gullu's chat or Niligiris... with just kachoris.. Can I discuss "Nancy drew" and "Sweet valley's " anymore with anyone?
Can I Rag the freshers at the front drive in college...and not get caught ..like ever...
Can we ever enjoy a wedding for 3 full days... of great food and Fun with no interruption from your boss who wants you back to finish some review or a month end close!!
Is it really getting complicated and techie ..or is it that 24 hrs is no enough a day!!!


  1. Yea...wish for a simpler life at times ..well written :)
    Look forward to more from you

  2. lady..u got me all nostalgic..i miss all that...gullu's chaat.my god..havent been there in ages. gonna go there when i'm in blore next..aps

  3. I remember the time when we used to wait eagerly for the Sunday evening Kannada movie