Monday, March 29, 2010

NO reservations please

For a while now( here i mean since my birth) I have never been able to deter the merrily classified society..... Either it is the gender, colour, status or simply they way you speak or that you eat only vegeterian food!!!

I have been fortunate to travel around a bit and i can only see more of this truth unravel into a way of life for many!!!!

When you are kid you are given strict instructions to score a 99.98% ( Thank god the parents spared a few 0.002 s for Human error!!!) simply because you belong to a " General pool" Catergory and you happen to be one of those million aspirants to get into a college with a "Free seat" as you cannot apply for a reservation.Phew!!! (All those who have waited long enough in queues in Eng colleges and those who sweated it out at the CET cell can recon a memory or two here... I am sure)..
Or you have spent days staring and giving an awkward smile when the rest in the group discuss TV channels you havent even heard off.... coz all you know is chitrahaar and Byomkesh Bakshi( Coz where was the money for Cable TV man.)
I remember a few grunts to spell out that I am a south Indian and not a Marwaadiii ( coz i happen to be a wee bit fairer and fatter).... and that the whole of south India is not "Madrasi" but is quite a Geography lost on a fair number( could be literal here).
Even better you are told why there is vivid difference b/w the sub casts who wear "naamam" and wear "vibhuti" ... apparently the difference being Iyer and Iyengar...
Instances when you have to explain to the store guy why it is important that you get a size bigger than XL when he passes on a " Hopeless stare" .........
Remember tellin a few from other origin that 'Yes' we can speak English without an MTI although we are from the " Land of Snakes" or "oh you donno what you are missing eating this Ghaas poos..." or when you have to squeez a look to say " I am Indian" at the Immigration just because you belong to the big Universal set called "Asia". ( I am sorry about September 11 too!!!)
Isnt there enough already... countries, states, north to south , Men to women, older generation to the so called " youth" ...Mercedes and BTS bus ( Red buses that i remember of the good old Bangalore) , A/c and Non- A/c , Without ticket to Shatabdi, Satya paul to kanchivaram, Jimmy choo to Seconds sale in Bata......

Mind you I am not one of those liberalist saying " we shall not tolerate this anymore and all" ....ALL I SAY is....." LIVE and LET LIVE!!!!" :)

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